Thursday, January 22, 2015

Chinese Cabbage with Pork and Rice

Hey everybody!

I just wanted to quickly share a yummy recipe with you before I'm going out tonight. The amount I used was enough for two smaller servings or one reeeeeally big serving. As I'm not talented with cooking the exact right amount food for any number of servings, you might need to judge yourselves how much you need ;) 

First, pick some Chinese cabbage leaves and wash them. I used around a third of the cabbage which probably was a bit too much for one serving...

Of course, you'll need some rice. And some meat. I used pork (approx. 80 gr), but you can also go for chicken or turkey.

Cut the cabbage leaves into strips. You can cut multiple leaves at once as it's faster and it doesn't need to be done very neatly.

Then fry the pork strips and add the Chinese cabbage strips when the pork is golden. Don't worry, that pile will shrink as it cooks. If the Chinese cabbage gets burnt, add a little bit of water.

You can add any spices you want, I like to add a little bit of salt, pepper and soy sauce. You can add or leave out anything you want. 

Et voilà! Enjoy that delicious and healthy meal :) 
(Note: I didn't pile that entire cabbage onto the rice bed for aesthetic reasons ;))

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